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Tingler & Milcians Cappuccino Jar | Combo Pack


Mahak’s Tingler Kachcha aam with spieces, Kachcha aam with tangy twist, phenomenal burst of spieces into your mouth Sensational kacchaa aam flavor. Sweet taste when you reach the end of the candy. An aroma of freshly brewed coffee, with real taste of cappuccino. A perfect blend of taste and instant energy. After all kinds of research on food quality, Mahak brings you the taste of India at your home.

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Tingler brings to you the exciting flavours of kaccha aam with a spicy twist for your adventurous.

The widely loved combination of kaccha aam and chaat masala brought to your doorstep.

Tingler will take you on an exciting adventure and make you forget everything with its sweet, sour spicy flavour.

Milcians Cappuccino is a unique coffee flavored candy that is identical to a cup of cappuccino in terms of taste.

With condensed milk and premier quality of coffee flavor, this candy is truly delicious.

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Weight1.120 kg
Dimensions12 × 8 × 23 cm


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