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Eclairs Jar & Milk n Nut Pouch | Combo Pack


Mahak’s Eclairs an exotic treat candy, highly delightful candy by Mahak, these are worth tasting they are extremely tasty. Milk-n-Nut is a fun filled toffee to have at anytime of the day. These toffees are full of milky richness and nariyal flavor, like as nariyal mithai. This pack is an easy to store – home pack of Mahak’s toffee so that you can relish your favorite candy any time and share with family and friends. This product is 100% vegetarian.

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Enjoy the Eclairs candies with interesting taste, for every candies lover who has ever dug deep to find the tasty flavor candies, then welcome to your little slice of heaven.

Each candy is individually wrapped so you can enjoy them anytime anywhere.

Milk-n-Nut is our flagship product loved by people of all ages, from kids to the elderly.

A coconut based nougat made with the finest quality ingredients to bring you a taste of your sweet childhood.

Milk-n-Nut the same texture and taste as traditional Naryal (Coconut) Mithai, to leave you wanting more and more.

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