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Quality, innovation and customer gratification, the Mahak Group has reached the pinnacle of all these traits. Since our establishment in 1994, passion for providing quality and pure products has always been the chief premise for the brand. We take immense pride in claiming that the expertise we have polished over the years and our strong hold over the process allow our products to match the international standards.

Entered into the food processing arena under the headship of Chairman Mr. G.L. Jain, accompanied by the managerial prowess of Managing Director Mr. S.K Jain, we effectively foresee, apprehend and meet the needs of our customers and clients. The tradition on which we lay our foundation is all about delivering both taste and health with the highest care of handling and packaging. Today, our impeccable gamut of candy products have found its way to many hearts of the people out there. Fostering a pioneering and dedicated zest, we, at Mahak Group, have indulged in strengthening our core business with planting moments of delights in our customer’s life.

Factory Processing

Our gamut of products includes ChocOn Chocolatey bar in its several variants like Mint-ChocOn, ChocOn- chocolaty gold, DUDIERE, P-nutz, Jelly Belly, Fruit Dessert tray/box, Milk-n- Nut Nariyal Mithai, Fruit Jel Filled Toys, Frugurt, Jelly Pud, Chocolatey Gold & Milcréme Crunchy bar, Nougat and confectionaries like Eclairs, Funchoos Lollipop, Coconut Candy, Milcians, Tingler, and many more. 

Factory Machine

In the process of cooking up innovative flavors, we endeavor hard to endow customers with quality products maintaining stringent quality control methods throughout the production process. By setting all these milestones, we have emerged as a prominent name in the confectionery market. We house a deft team of professionals who have involved in bringing the new flavors of success in the firm. Being the forerunner in manufacturing gelatin-free and Vegan products in the country, we also have the robust distribution channel of 85 super stockists, 1450 stockist and a retailer base of above 300000 in all over India.

We have made our prominent mark in Jelly industry in all over the country and being the pioneer in Jelly manufacturing, we are in process to conquer the confectionary market as well. With the extensive growth in confectionary, laminated candy and aeration technique, we are looking forward to achieve many more heights. As the Mahak family, we, with our effective teamwork, make efforts to bring the essences that delight the customers of all ages without compromising with the essential nutrition.

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Our Team

G. L. Jain
    The founder of Mahak Group, G.L. Jain with his 40 years of inspiring experience of food and processing industries have helped this company grow into a leader in the confectionary domain. With a clear success map, his vision and guidance for the organization keep all the team motivated.
    S. K. Jain
    CEO & Managing Director
      S.K Jain, the Managing Director of Mahak who is leading the company with his 25 enriching years of experience in food/fruit products since its establishments. Exhibiting the sharpness in business skills, he keeps pushing people around him to let company flourish. Being the main force behind the organization, he has developed the focus over the years to turn his vision into reality. He has created the new concept of fruit jelly and ethnic sweets. Not only he has a sense of flavours but also is skilled in market research and strategies of the business.
      Sajal Jain
      Distribution Network, Production Facilities
        Sajal Jain is qualified with a graduate degree in Business Administration from Perth, Australia and is indulged in assisting the company with the distribution network and production facilities. With contributing more than a decade to the company, his brilliance and excellence is nothing but an asset to the company.