No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.” – Greg Kincaid

Do you know why the temples are closed during this pandemic? Because the God is not available in the temples, he is working in the hearts and minds of thousands of frontline warriors in the hospitals, food supply chains providing for essentials, the police and special task forces who are working for the world day in and day out with a smile on their faces!

We salute this undying spirit of our heroes who are undeterred of the fear of Corona Virus and are fighting back looking into its eyes with courage each passing day. The Special Force of Corona Warriors, the doctors, the police, the army, and the teachers are doing a great job but there is a group of unsung heroes – the suppliers and channel partners of brands who are bringing all essentials into your homes! We – Mahak Group stand in solidarity with these warriors and acclaim their hard work in these testing times.

In the wake of keeping up with our Channel Partners and suppliers who are making sure there is an efficient supply of groceries and essential items, we have exclusively designed a Kit for our channel partners, which entails a mask, sanitizer, and appreciation note to let them know they are special just like frontline warriors and medical staff. We understand what it takes when it comes to smoothly run the supply chain for essential goods and thus with this CSR effort, we tried to show gratitude to the retailers who have been on the forefront convincing and motivating panicked shoppers.

Though the Frontline workers and every corona warrior is an asset for the country and we consider our channel partners and distributors no less. We wish to make sure everyone who is associated with the business flow of Mahak Group directly or indirectly should be safe.

We want each of us should be thankful to these warriors and help them fight the elephant in the room – the Corona Virus by being very responsible ourselves, by keeping us safe and covered at all times, staying indoors, and maintaining a safe distance among each other. It is nothing more you can do to keep yourself safe and very well informed about your surroundings at all times.

We wish to together see the world with Covid – 19 along with you all real soon. Let us keep ourselves afloat till then. Thank you our Channel Partners for keeping the supply chain going where our customers never experienced shortage of our products. We are proud of you and wish you a safe world!

– The Mahak Group

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