he best part about our childhood was the unlimited sweet memories we made with toffees, candies, lollipops and jellies and at Mahak we’re glad to be a part of it. From sweet nariyal treats and jelly bellies to the romantic flavour of Mint ChocOn, we have seen India grow and thrive with the taste of our array of products.

And trust us, nothing much has changed in the children’s world. Candies, toffees, jellies or lollipops are still one of the most common ways to make our children happy. But the important thing is that as adults, it is our duty to let them buy only quality products that are made under strict supervision and are totally safe for consumption like Mahak Kandiez. All our kandiez are made with superior German technology and are 100% according to the government guidelines. Also, our kandiez are 100% vegetarian to avoid any uneasy experience.

The goodness, creaminess and richness of our favourite kandiez will not only allure your kids, they will also bring back the sweet memories you made with them when you were young and carefree.

Let’s have a quick insight on some of the famous and delicious toffees, candies, jellies and lollipops that still have the potential to drive us crazy:

Milk-n-Nut Nariyal Mithai: Milk-n-Nut derives its perfect creamy taste from the flavours of milk and coconut that gel well with our memories. This is the same taste that you use to get with 1 rupee nariyal mithai from the neighbourhood shop but with much enhanced quality and safety.

Our MIlk-n-Nut Nariyal Mithai is more like a sweet that people of all ages can have after the completion of a meal. And that’s why it’s famous tagline, “toffee nahi, mithai hai”.

PopOn Lollipop: Lollipops have always been the convenient toffee on stick that children can enjoy while not soiling their clothes and belongings. To make that experience richer, we have developed a line of fruity and milky lollipops under the umbrella name PopOn. These are fun to have delicious lollipops without much fuzz.

Jelly-Belly: Mahak Jelly-Belly has reigned in the hearts of children and Indian market for the past 25 years. It has been a main attraction for children who want to enjoy the original taste of fruit in a jelly.

Let’s move ahead of childhood. The next two toffees in our collection are for the youth that is going college or is working in the new-age corporate world
Mint ChocOn: The perfect blend of mint and chocolate, Mint ChocOn is the ultimate romantic candy your heart yearns for. While the mint on cover refreshes the mind, the smooth taste of chocolate inside makes your mood super romantic. Try it out today to experience what you are reading here. Yeh #MintNahiHintHai.

P-Nutz Candy: P-Nutz is a mouth-watering candy made with crunchy peanut butter. Now the thing is peanut butter is quite tasty in its original form but what if you want to enjoy it without spreading on a piece of bread. What if you’re on a move and you want to carry the supreme taste of peanut butter in your pocket. Well! The answer is as simple as Mahak P-Nutz.

We wish your children to grow up with our amazing range of kandiez just like you did. For more information, you can visit our website at: http://www.mahakgroup.in or call: + 91 11 49584100.

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