Mint is a wonder herb packed with all goodness of fresh flavor and antioxidants.

The herb is very commonly found in gardens around the world. The Mint herb is healthy to consume and is suitable for both vegan and non-vegan. The different varieties of mint are used in different ways such as spearmint and curly mint which are used in cooking and in beverages.

Today, there’s an overwhelming consumer desire for ‘long-lasting’ flavours, packed with freshness, and a cooling sensation in the mouth and that’s where mint flavours come in.

Mint is super easy to grow, smells beautiful, has a multitude of uses and it’s also the perfect herb for people of every age.

Though, we all love mint for the sweet flavour and cool, refreshing taste it leaves in our mouth, but ever thought about combining it with chocolate?

Let’s explore!

There are some classic combinations that have been widely accepted and relished, like coffee and donuts, bacon and eggs etc. But there are some food combinations that we’ve tested are really the classic combinations.

So after testing the waters, we’ve come to a conclusion that mint and chocolate is a CLASSIC. The chocolaty flavour when infused in mint creates the “Winning Combination”and surpasses all other flavours.

For the youthful generation it can be Dipped into chocolate and then consumed to find out how irresistible it is. Mint also masks bad breathe, which is a real concern for the people who have daily interaction and is also a concern for smokers.

Something about the combination of chocolate and mint is just so delicious. The earthy tones of the chocolate when blends with the bright, refreshing mint, it just tastes really good.

Mint is a refreshing bite of goodness that awakes all the other senses and when paired with chocolate we have a flavour combination that is timeless.

We believe that mint takes our chocolate to the next level and provides a zest and tang that can’t be beaten. It creates an obsession and is an unbeatable combination.

Mint Chocon gives you the Experience of the most classic combination of rich, comforting chocolate tempered by cool and refreshing mint. Mint chocolate candy which is filled with a sweet and refreshing chocolate ganache.

You can have this treat just after your dinner or in the summery afternoon to freshen up your mood.

Stay Refreshed, Stay Chocolaty

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